In South Florida an effective way to catch many different species of game fish is to troll or fish with live bait. 

 Trolling involves dragging a variety of trolling baits at about 5 knots. We  take pride rigging our own baits on the Showtime ! You won’t find any store bought baits here. Below are a variety of baits that we employ,

trolling baits for west palm beach

Mullet migrate through South Florida in the fall, We cast net and keep just enough to hold us over for the year. Once caught, we brine and split tail the mullet and rig them the day of your charter.

Ballyhoo are the go to bait when deep sea fishing. We rig them either as swimming or skipping baits. Most gamefish can’t resist the them!trolling west palm beach, Jupiter, Sailfish Marina charter fleetStrip baits are made from the belly skins of Bonito. These also make an amazing bait for offshore fishing. These are incredibly tough baits that ensure a good hook up ratio.

South Florida deep sea fishinf

Live bait fishing is exactly as the name implies. live baits can be Google eyes, sardines, or threadfins. They are ordered and delivered to the boat in the morning and kept alive in our live well. These live baits are  either  fished from the outriggers or suspended from two fishing kites flown from the boat. This type of fishing is very exciting. The baitfish are suspended on the surface. The commotion they make alerts  gamefish of  their distress the gamefish  aggressively feed right on the surface. This is an exciting way to sport fish here in South Florida.Sailfish kite fishing, deep see fishing, south florida fishing

Deep dropping also uses live bait to fish the numerous shipwrecks and reefs off the Palm Beach coast. Heavy tackle is used to pull amberjack grouper and cobia away from the shipwrecks and reefs.