Showtime has quite the rich history. She began her life in 1968 as the “Bahama Mama” in the British Colony of North Bimini, Bahamas

Her former captain was Harold “Shoestring” Rolles. Growing up Shoestring often was the mate for Ernest Hemingway. The former owners of the “Bahama Mama” specialized in light tackle fishing for blue water species, such as blue and white marlin. They often won the tournaments they entered.


She then became the “Seaplane” owned by a former pilot of TWA. She was refitted in Ft. Lauderdale and used as a pleasure craft to island hop the Bahama Islands. In 1984 she was purchased and moved to New Jersey as a live aboard boat.


Purchased in Point Pleasant, NJ in 1987  Capt. Tony brought her back home to West Palm Beach, Florida. Where he began the charter business. She has had tender loving care all of her life. She has been retro-fitted with a nice interior and modern electronics including Sonar, Radar, GPS, VHF and Safety Equipment.

The “Showtime” is an extremely comfortable boat for her size. Most importantly, some boats raise fish some don’t. Her reputation speaks volumes for herself. Showtime has a very comfortable interior to keep you out of the weather and still keep you in the all the action


 Showtimes interiorimage